Sunday, June 14, 2015

Old Labour - Same old story

A leaflet produced by Northern Ireland comrades in the 1960s which is a reminder to those such as Ken Loach who look back on the 1945-51 Attlee Labour government with nostalgia that Old Labour was always just as bad.


Your Labour candidate will advise you that you can improve your conditions of life by voting Labour. His Party, the Northern Ireland Labour Party, are at one with the British Labour Party. Below we give some details of Labour Government in Britain:

(1)     Used CONSCRIPT TROOPS to BREAK strikes.
(2)     Imposed  a "PAY   PAUSE" and "INDUSTRIAL CONSCRIPTION."
(3)    Used (in peace time) a wartime Order 1305, in an effort to have striking trade unionists JAILED.
(4)     Had workers RESISTING BLACK-LEG LABOUR sentenced to IMPRISONMENT and  FINES under old  PROPERTY-PROTECTION ACTS of 1875.
(5)     Agreed to, and tried to justify, the dropping of the FIRST A-Bomb on Hiroshima.
(6)     Safeguarded the interests of British capitalism by nationalisation of bankrupt industries.
(7)     Sent British  troops to AID DUTCH IMPERIALISM, and IMPRISONED and BANISHED African leaders.
(8)     Imposed the FIRST CHARGES on the "free" Health Services.

This is but a small part of Labour's black record when it waged war against the workers in the interests of British capitalism between the years 1945 and 1951. We challenge our Labour opponents to deny or "explain" these terrible happenings.

In this Election the UNIONIST AND LABOUR candidates stand for the MAINTENANCE of CAPITALISM. Only the WORLD SOCIALIST PARTY challenges the capitalist system and proposes an alternative—SOCIALISM.


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