Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Big Business and Public Opinion Lock Horns

For nearly two decades, Monsanto and the Biotech Bullies have bullied their way to taking over the U.S. agriculture system with one aim in mind: sell more toxic chemicals. Apart from a small minority, consumers were largely unaware that untested genetically engineered organisms were infiltrating our food system. Unlabeled.

Now that the majority of Americans know the truth, and are fighting back, the Biotech Bullies are being forced to escalate. Things could get a lot uglier, before they get better.

Last week, a judge affirmed the constitutionality of Vermont’s GMO labeling law by denying Monsanto’s demand to hold up enactment of the law until the industry’s frivolous lawsuit makes its way through the courts.
Monsanto promptly turned around and filed an appeal. It’s a stalling tactic. But much  more—because the bullies know that their threats against Vermont aren’t going unnoticed by lawmakers in other states—like Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and others—who fear their states will be dragged through the courts, too, if they stand up to Monsanto as Vermont lawmakers have.
It’s intimidation at its best.

Meanwhile, in Washington D.C., the bullies are scrambling to get a law passed that will strip states of their constitutional rights to pass GMO labeling laws. It’s the worst kind of attack on democracy. And the irony is that some Democrats, who claim to support consumer rights, are now signing on to Pompeo's bill. While so many Republicans—whose constituents have made it clear that they want mandatory labeling laws—are not only thumbing their noses at voters, they’re thumbing their noses at democracy. Not to mention the states’ rights they claim to hold so dear.
While we keep a watchful eye on the Vermont court case, GMO labeling bills that are making their way through state legislatures (opposed by out-of-state multi-billion dollar lobbying groups), and the outrageous (and desperate) play in Washington D.C. to end the GMO labeling conversation permanently, we keep working. On all fronts.

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