Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Two General Election Poems


Some Tories are leaving their party because
of the government’s Same Sex Marriage Bill

From Altrincham to Woodford Green,
In Britain’s leafy groves,
Some Tory Party Members are
Behaving in ways quite bizarre,
With many saying, “Au revoir” 
And quitting in their droves.

This exodus is all because,
Gay Wedding’s now legit,
A fact that some view with unease
As a contemporary disease,
And thus not guaranteed to please
Each guilt-struck Tory twit.

As in their private ‘Public Schools’,
Especially in the Dorm,
A bit of boyish buggery,
Some shirt lifting skulduggery,
And ‘Fag-debagging’ thuggery,
Was viewed as just the norm!                                

Now same-sex marriage sanctioned by,
The ‘Eton’ Cabinet;
Reminds these chaps of olden days,            
Of Britain’s Public Schools malaise
And the pubescent purple phase,
They’d rather now forget.

Thus all those youthful follies that,
Were once thought so risqué,
And happened after lights-out time,
Don’t in today’s clime seem to chime
With the same rhyme as in their prime,                                                                         
When they were young and gay!

© Richard Layton


We’ve  got the Tories and Lib Dems,   
To shaft us by the score;
The question now upon our lips--
Just what is Labour for? 
Do we need one more Party to,
Suck up to industry,
The Bankers and Financiers,
To keep the market free?

Do we need yet another mob,
Led by another clown;
To claim that extra wealth produced,
Will always trickle down? 
Do we need more young business suits,
From Westminster’s elite;
To join the old establishment,
And keep things nice and neat?

As Labour aren’t for labour, then
Who are they really for?
And why do workers waste their time,
On Labour anymore? 
So what with all the Tweedledums,
It’s difficult to see;
The point of voting to elect,
A dumber Tweedledee!

© Richard Layton

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