Saturday, April 25, 2015

Unpalatable Truths

To tell voters in this general election that fluctuations on New York’s or London’s stock exchanges may be more indicative of  their future welfare than whether the Tories or the Labour Party are returned at the next general elections would be inviting derision. Yet that is indeed the nature of capitalism that the Socialist Party (GB) is obliged to explain.

 Response to an email by the Travellers Movement

Thank you for your email. As a member, and candidate of/for The Socialist Party, I understand the concerns of the communities you identify. The problem is, these problems take place within a system of society, Capitalism, that is unable/unwilling to address these concerns and issues. This world does not belong to the communities you mention, any more than it does to the vast amounts of other members of the working class. There can never be satisfactory outcomes for any of our problems, no matter the platitudes doled out by the bucket full, by the representatives of the Ruling Class.

The only solution is to replace the present way society is organized (minority ownership of the means of life, production for profit, rich and poor), with a society based  on Democratic Control and Ownership, of the means of producing and distributing the things we need to live. Production for direct human use, no classes just people, cooperating together as free and equal individuals, owning in common the world and the resources within it, for the benefit of “All”!!

I would urge you to find out about the alternative put forward by The Socialist Party. The society we have at present, Capitalism, cannot be reformed. It needs replacing and it is that, that The Socialist Party put before voters at the election.

All good things to you and the communities you represent,

Steve Colborn,
The Socialist Party
Easington constituency Candidate.

Response to an email from the Join MyMp Programme organisation;

Hi Jo,

I have read your email and the information included within it. One of the points stated was, For more information on the rationale for the programme see Zac Goldsmith’s RSA Lecture: Transforming Politics in the UK [1].

Forgive me if I appear a bit dense but is not Mr Goldsmith, a member of one of the richest families in the country? It hardly supports your organisations claims to be , making a stronger commitment to democracy, by having a link to this lecture! Zac Goldsmith is a perfect example of why the society we live in is not, democratic.

His life is one of affluence and privilege, an affluence and privilege that has been provided for, on the backs of the vast majority, whose lives are the polar opposite! Lives of stress, insecurity, poverty and want!

The representatives of Goldsmith and his class, are the exact same ones who blame the poor for their poverty and see themselves as some sort of Elite, a cut above.

If you really are, concerned with Democracy, then your campaign would do a lot worse than campaigning for direct participatory democracy, and a Society in which it would be implemented, not the sham that is espoused as Democracy today, the oxymoronic "representative" democracy.

Myself and The Socialist Party (the only truly democratic, leaderless political party in the country) are contesting this election on a platform of replacing the undemocratic, elitist Capitalist system, with the Common Ownership and Democratic Control of a system of society called Socialism, for want of a better word.

If you would like to find out more about democracy, please feel free to contact us.

Yours Fraternally,
Steve Colborn,
The Socialist Party Candidate,
Easington Constituency.


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