Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Tories Running Scared?

Magna Carta 800 Hustings on 28 April:
 Important Update

Dear Mr Cox,

With great regret, I write to inform you we have had to cancel this hustings.

We were encouraged to receive warm acceptances from you and all the other candidates, except the Conservative Party candidate, Julian Brazier. Despite giving Mr Brazier first preference on the date, risking compromise of our equal treatment principle, he refused to attend or be represented. We made repeated entreaties, but he politely maintained he had already committed to several 'single issue' hustings and needed to draw the line. We clarified that our event is themed, and absolutely not single issue on learning disability, but no avail. We appreciate Mr Brazier's courtesy, but are deeply disappointed. As you no doubt agree, a broadcast hustings, uniquely featuring the interests of all disadvantaged people, is well worth two hours of a candidate's time.

It was fundamental to our plans that existing power would be both challenged and defended. With the Conservative Party absent, we could not escape the conclusion that the quality of debate would be degraded. Being intent on doing this well or not at all, the decision to cancel became unavoidable.

You are of course welcome to use content from this update in your campaign. You may also be interested to know the Conservative Party was the only absentee at the recent Learning Disability Alliance's Citizen Jury

Warmest thanks again for kindly accepting our invitation. We do not take this for granted, and wish you well in your campaign.

Matt Clifton
Chief Executive
Skillnet Group

Our Candidate's reply:

Dear Mr Clifton

Thanks for letting me know.  I too am disappointed; its a shame that Mr Brazier and his Party is obviously too busy looking after “advantaged” people than to attend your event.

Could an empty chair not have been found?  I am sure the rest of us who do care enough to attend would have managed without his illustrious presence.

I hope you have not felt under pressure, given the political dominance of the Tory Party at County Hall, not to cause more embarassment to Mr Brazier.

I will share your message with our Blog committee. I am sure they will have something to say on the issue. [we’ll let the facts speak for themselves and readers can reach their own conclusions upon the non-appearances of the Conservative, just as we have ourselves. – the bloggers]

Robert Cox
Socialist Party Parliamentary Candidate
Canterbury and Whitstable

Meanwhile,  R. Cox has engaged with the letters page of the Canterbury Times, the local newspaper,  explaining how we are a different type of political party from all the others

We can make a better world

The economic crisis has revealed a truth:  the world is run in the interests of those who own it, and a debate has started (Your Views, 15th April) about whether there can be a viable alternative to the failures of the market system.

In his letter Mr Reeves alluded to another truth, that left-Labour and those who supported the failed so-called ‘communist’ countries want the government to run everything.  Socialists stand for the exact opposite – we want the people to take the power for themselves. We don’t need leaders to tell us how to live our lives.

We believe that with real socialism the natural instinct for human being to work together can replace the class divided society of today. But this is such a big change that we need a big discussion about how socialism could solve our problems, then win a majority of people to vote for it. Trying otherwise would just cause another disaster, like in Russia from 1917 onwards.

This is why The Socialist Party cannot join Mr Page in his left-wing coalition. We fully support trades unions fighting for better conditions, but TUSC spends its time campaigning not for socialism, but like Labour for measures to patch-up capitalism which will let the rich and powerful few carry on exploiting the rest of us.

Socialists should be in business to make more socialists. The Socialist Party of Great Britain is putting the case for a real alternative to capitalism through 500,000 letter boxes this month – please look out for it. The more who join with us in this task, the quicker we may bring about a better world for all.

Yours sincerely
Robert Cox
Socialist Party Parliamentary Candidate
Canterbury and Whitstable 

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