Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The BBC on the SPGB

The BBC website featured an item about our election campaign

Election 2015: Socialist Party of Great Britain outlines election plans.

The Socialist Party of Great Britain is standing 10 candidates in the general election.

The party does not have specific policies, but advocates the abolition of capitalism. It proposes establishing common ownership and democratic control of the world's resources, saying that there would be no state or classes in a socialist society.

The party does not have a leader, believing all members should be equal. "What we stand for is socialism, where all the resources of the world would be owned in common by all the people of the world, to be used under democratic control to produce what they need, instead of now, under capitalism, where there is production for profit," says Adam Buick, a party representative.
And Mr Buick explained why the party does not have a leader. “We say only sheep need leaders. Leaders implies followers, and a follower is somebody who has abdicated their responsibility to act to someone else. What we stand for is a participatory democracy where everybody takes part in it. Don't delegate the authority to act to some professional politician," he said.

The party says the system it advocates would be a wageless, moneyless, worldwide society of common - not state - ownership and democratic control of the means of wealth production and distribution.

It also says that under the party's proposals, there would be a sharp break with capitalism, with no "transition period" or gradual implementation of socialism.

"People say that in an election they are electing a government; in fact, in most constituencies, this is not the case," Mr Buick said. "What we are saying is people should express what they want. If they want a society without frontiers, without class, without state, without money, without wages - voting for one of our candidates is an opportunity to show what they want and also, at the same time, of course, rejecting the present capitalist system."

The candidates standing for the Socialist Party of Great Britain are:-

Brighton Kemptown: Jacqueline Shodeke
Brighton Pavilion: Howard Pilott
Canterbury: Robert Cox
Easington: Steve Colborn
Folkestone & Hythe: Andy Thomas
Islington North: Bill Martin
Oxford East: Kevin Parkin
Oxford West & Abingdon: Mike Foster
Swansea West: Brian Johnson
Vauxhall: Danny Lambert

The Party was also featured on a news clip

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