Friday, April 24, 2015

Letters to the Press

Here is a statement sent to the Sunderland Echo and various other local papers, (as yet unpublished):

The Socialist Party are contesting this election, advocating a revolution in the way society is organised! From one where production is for profit, benefiting a tiny section of the world’s population, to one which is based on production for "direct human use", to benefit every man, woman and child.

This revolution will entail a revolution in the way we, the ordinary folk, see the world we live in and the Social relationships within it. By necessity, it will involve "Real Democracy". Each person having a direct say in decisions that affect them, not the sham we have today, where we vote in "Representatives", who more often than not, do precisely what "they" want, and not what benefits the majority. There will be no Leaders, nor elites, but merely human beings working together, collectively, to organise society in such a way, that "we all share" in the resources of the world, as free and equal people. The other Party's contesting this election, all offer variations on a theme, Capitalism! A system that by its very existence, leaves the majority in various degrees of poverty, want, and insecurity. 

The World has the resources to offer us ALL, so much more but only if it belongs to "us all", equally!

Steve Colborn
Socialist Party Candidate for Easington

Letter to the Folkestone and Hythe Express:

Why is the TUSC candidate claiming to be “the only unashamedly socialist party in these elections” (p.10, April 22) when he clearly wants to see capitalism continue?!

He’d like a better “minimum wage” for workers, but waged work is a fundamental part of capitalism’s system of profit-driven production!

He’d also like to nationalise various public services, which means they would still have to be paid for!

In a genuine socialist economy there will be no need for wages or money as you won’t have to pay for anything.

When we collectively and directly own all the farmland, factories, natural resources, power stations etc. then everything produced will also belong to all of us, and so, will be freely available.

TUSC need to change their name to the Trade Union and /Statist/ Coalition because, in truth, that’s what they are.

They want to run capitalism themselves in a way that’s been tried many times before (and always fails!), whereas The Socialist Party will get rid of it and we’d move on to something infinitely better.

The “only unashamedly socialist party in these elections” is actually The Socialist Party!

Max Hess
Folkestone local council candidate for The Socialist Party

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