Monday, April 13, 2015

How to end money worries

Do you want guaranteed freedom from money worries, a guaranteed home of your own,  guaranteed life-long free access to food, goods and services, guaranteed high-quality health care, guaranteed high-quality care for the elderly who need it, and a guaranteed job for all who want one?

This is not some impossible utopian dream. If you want it, along with a majority of others, its achievable.

How can there be talk of guarantees for all of the above radical improvements?

It's possible as soon as all agricultural land, factories, power stations, oil fields, phone networks, transport systems, quarries, mines, the water industry etc., come to belong directly to the people.

When a majority vote for this, and so bring it about democratically, everything produced from these assets will also collectively belong to all of us.

As all food, goods and services produced will then belong to the whole of society (not capitalist owners, as now), there will no longer be any need to pay for anything.

We will all then have free access to what we need. No more buying, bills, debts, taxes, or financial worries of any kind. Money will be obsolete.

Work will obviously still have to be done, but we will then be working for ourselves not for capitalist employers who pay workers a minimum, while taking a maximum in profit for themselves.

With genuine socialism, millions of useless money-driven jobs (sales, insurance, banking, accountancy, welfare benefits, loans, etc) will no longer exist. There will also be no unemployment (as capitalist employers will no longer exist). All these millions of extra people available to contribute something of real worth to society will made it possible the ‘working week’ in half. The incentive to work will then be retaining all the benefits of this new far better system.

If you aren’t interested, and don’t want a change for the better, simply vote Tory, Ukip, Labour, Lib Dem, Green etc.

But why vote for more of the same? Why not vote for yourself for a change.

The Socialist Party (GB) Candidates For Real Changes are: 

Jacqueline Shodeke - Brighton Kemptown;
Howard Pilott - Brighton Pavilion;
Robert Cox – Canterbury;
Steve Colborn – Easington;
Andy Thomas - Folkestone and Hythe;
Bill Martin - Islington North;
Kevin Parkin - Oxford East;
Mike Foster - Oxford West and Abingdon
Brian Johnson - Swansea West;
Danny Lambert – Vauxhall.

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Mike Ballard said...

Well, of course, I agree. But why not demystify wealth by tying it to socially necessary labour time?