Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Capitalism - Anticapitalism - Socialism

Until There’s Nothing Left (taken from a recent piece by Mickey Z)

Understanding capitalism and explaining its inherent harmfulness to others does not require an advanced degree or superior insight. This isn't about vague, inapplicable concepts like "good" or "evil” and it certainly has nothing to do with the fantasies bandied about by economics professors.
It's all about design.
Capitalism is an economic system based on perpetual growth and the relentless exploitation of what we've come to call "natural resources." By definition, such an approach is unsustainable, cannot be reformed, and is thus, anti-life.
To gain access to and control of resources, capitalism requires brutal, sustained military interventions (or the threat thereof). The U.S. Department of Defense, for example, is the world’s largest, most dangerous military power and the planet's worst polluter and eats up about half of all U.S. federal tax dollars.
Military interventions (or the threat thereof) lead to wars, war crimes, the propping up of authoritarian regimes, poverty and repression, environmental devastation, and eventually… corporate dominion over resources.
Capitalism -- in its predatory pursuit of profit -- requires humans to dominate humans and humans to dominate non-humans and humans to dominate the landscape… until there's nothing left.
Resources are finite. They cannot/will not be replicated in a laboratory. Exploiting, poisoning, and consuming the ecosystem alters the delicate and symbiotic balance of the natural world -- which only leads to further devastation.
Capitalism requires constant consumption. Hence, humans are re-programmed into compliant, ill-informed consumers. Pervasive propaganda/public relations keep consumers consuming, workers working, and repressors repressing (explaining why middle class cops pepper spray activists instead of joining up with them).
While other economic systems may address some of the vast human inequalities inherent in a capitalist society, unless such a system is designed in synchronicity with our shared ecosystem, it will do nothing to prevent the looming economic/social/environmental collapse.

To be anti-capitalist is to recognize the urgent need to begin the process of creating a new system -- a system not for sale to the highest bidder; not based on celebrity, material consumption, physical beauty, or military conquest; a system that promotes unity and collective action while maintaining individuality and independence; a system that challenges us to think for ourselves and about others; a system that understands the connection between human behavior and non-human life.
To have any chance of securing a future, we must become dedicated and united anti-capitalists - which for this commentator means world socialism.


Max Powers said...

My idea of a perfect alternative to capitalism is Sociocapitalism. Check it out and please tell me what you think.

ajohnstone said...

Can i helpfully suggest you change your blog template. The current one is a little difficult to read clearly. But i do get the impression that you are influenced by the Zeitgeist Project. We are of course share the same objective but differ on our approaches to achieve it.

Perhaps this article can explain to you our analysis of TZM