Monday, February 02, 2015

The General Election - Why are we standing?

In the General Election we will be standing  in both Oxford East and Oxford West & Abingdon, among several other places .
We are standing to raise the issue of the need to end capitalism and replace it with a system geared to meeting people’s needs rather than to making profits for the few. We want a world cooperative society where wealth is produced and owned in common and freely shared according to need. A classless democratic society where decisions are made for the common good rather than to benefit vested business interests.
Tinkering around with the present system trying to fix it has been tried for years but the same problems remain and for the same reason: capitalism is a profit-driven system where making profits takes, and has to take, priority over meeting people’s needs and safeguarding the environment. No government can change this. What is required is a complete Revolution to get rid of capitalism altogether. We will be standing for that and nothing else.
Our candidates will be Kevin Parkin in Oxford East and Mike Foster in Oxford West & Abingdon.
Our other candidates in other constituencies are: 
Bill MartinIslington North; Danny LambertVauxhall; Brian JohnsonSwansea West; Steve ColbornEasington; ; Robert Cox – Canterbury; Andy Thomas Folkestone and HytheHoward Pilott -Brighton Pavilion; Jacqueline Shodeke - Brighton Kemptown.

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