Sunday, February 01, 2015

Make everything free

Dublin was reportedly shut down as demonstrators came out to fight government efforts to tax water. Despite the government’s attempt to repackage the measures by reducing the rates that individuals and families will have to pay, opposition continues.

30,000 marched in Dublin. 4,000 protested in Cork while other protests were held in cities and towns across the country including Limerick, Waterford and Donegal. 660,000 households failed to meet a Monday deadline to register for water billing, Irish Water confirmed.

“It’s just everyday people here today – no politicians, no campaigners, no one else but ordinary people who want to make a stand. We need to show the Government that we’re not going away, no matter how much they think we’re done,” said Drogheda  Kevin McMahon.

“It’s great to see so many ordinary people willing to march against the Government. Anyone who is being pressured into paying will see all of us and know they’re not alone,” said Amy Quinn, from Clondalkin 

Chanting of "Irish Water will be free!” and “They say cut backs, we say fight back"

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