Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Marlborough Aristocracy (poem)


16/10/2014The 11th Duke of Marlborough who has diedfailed in
the High Court to bar his criminal son from the title but appointed
trustees to have executive control over the Blenheim Palace Estate.

The Marlborough aristocracy,
Blue-bloodied to the core;
Have had their lordly lineage,
Diluted more and more.    

Lord Churchill was ‘unfortunate’, (1)
With one such ‘on the game’;
And died of a disease so vile,
We dare not speak its name! (2)

His offspring to a large extent,
Conceited, drunk and mad; (3)
Inherited their temperament,
Most likely through their dad.

And cousins of the Churchill lot, (4)
At Blenheim Palace too;
Appear to also have acquired,
A bloodline less than blue.

The present Duke thought by his dad,
To be a hopeless case;
Has had the title come his way,
But trustees run the place. 

Despite a prison record that’s,
Far longer than his arm; (5)
We have to guess that his success,
Is simply down to charm.

So workingmen to all become,
A healthy, wealthy chap;
Go on a charm offensive but,
Avoid the dreaded clap!

(1) A Victorian euphemism for prostitute.

(2) Winston Churchill’s father, Lord Randolph, son of the 7th Duke,
died of syphilis aged 45. Winston’s mother, a U.S. socialite,
conceived him out of wedlock. She reputedly had over 200 lovers.

(3) Winston and his family were racked by depression, alcoholism,
broken marriages and suicide. Winston was so conceited he
believed he had been chosen by ‘fate’ to be a ‘great man’.

(4) Winston was a cousin of the late 11th Duke of Marlborough.

(5) The 12th Duke has had numerous convictions for criminal
damage, assault, burglary, motoring and drug offences.

© Richard Layton

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