Sunday, October 19, 2014

Homeless In America

Three True Stories

Renee Delisle was one of over 3500 homeless people in Santa Cruz when she found out she was pregnant.  The Santa Cruz Sentinel reported she was turned away from a shelter because they did not have space for her.  While other homeless people slept in cars or under culverts, Renee ended up living in an abandoned elevator shaft until her water broke.

Jerome Murdough, 56, a homeless former Marine, was arrested for trespass in New York because he was found sleeping in a public housing stairwell on a cold night.  The New York Times reported that one week later, Jerome died of hypothermia in a jail cell heated to over 100 degrees.

Paula Corb and her two daughters lost their home and have lived in their minivan for four years.  They did laundry in a church annex, went to the bathroom at gas stations, and did their studies under street lamps, according to America Tonight.

Ten Facts about the homeless

  Over half a million people are homeless

  One quarter of homeless people are children

  Tens of thousands of veterans are homeless
  Domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness in women
  Many people are homeless because they cannot afford rent 
  There are fewer places for poor people to rent than before

  In the last few years millions have lost their homes

  The Government does not help as much as you think

  One in five homeless people suffer from untreated severe mental illness

 Cities are increasingly making homelessness a crime

For more information on these facts and related issues see here

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