Friday, October 24, 2014

Fact of the Day

Four in 10 Australians who rely on social welfare payments – and nearly half of people on the disability support pension – are living below the poverty line, according to a major new report published by the Australian Council of Social Services.

2.5 million – or one in seven – Australians were living in poverty in 2012, a slight increase on the same survey two years earlier. Nearly 18% of children live beneath the poverty line, one-third of them in sole-parent families. Women, children, the elderly, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, migrants from non-English speaking countries and people with a disability were all most likely to be living in poverty.

Single adults on less than $400 per week, and families with two children on less than $841 each week, were deemed as living below the poverty line. More than half of Australians on the Newstart Allowance, 48% of disability pensioners and 15% of aged pensioners struggle to meet basic living costs. The maximum payment for a single person on Newstart is $303 per week, nearly 25% less than what is required to stay out of poverty.

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