Saturday, September 20, 2014

Urgent Case For Revolution

NOAA August 2014
The previous all-time-hottest record for oceans was set in June of this year; now, just two months later, we have already busted that by a slight but definitive 0.05 degrees F. We know that the oceans have been quietly absorbing our extra heat and carbon emissions forever, but now we’re finally starting to feel it. And with the oceans heating up at unprecedented rates, we can expect everything else to get a whole lot hotter, too.
When we talk about global warming, we have a tendency to leave out a large part of the globe — specifically, the three-quarters of it that are covered with water. This makes sense — humans don’t live there, and we are very good at ignoring things that aren’t a part of our own experience — but it makes less sense when you consider the numbers: More that 90 percent of the earth’s total warming to date has been absorbed by the oceans.
We’re already feeling the effects of that 2.3 percent of warming in our atmosphere — now picture what’s happening to the ocean ecosystems we depend on. Then then there are the three billion of us who rely on the ocean as a primary source of protein.

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With no apology below is a paragraph from a very recent SOYMB post which captures the essence of why the world needs a socialist revolution without delay:

 When socialists protest, we also propose. Climate change changes everything: everything about how we organize society, how we conduct politics, and what we think of progress. Socialists know very well what we’re fighting for. We can collectively alter our way of life. We can replace the present capitalist system with a cooperative one. Our revolution can set everybody free.  We possess all the knowledge required to make all this possible. If we do not succeed, there may not be any future generations to follow. We are at a turning point and require to bring some urgency to the necessary creation of a new economy.


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