Tuesday, September 09, 2014

IRAQ! - poem

(Part 1 of 2)

‘Our’ soldiers are back from fighting in Iraq for
‘democracy, free speech and the right to protest’.

‘Our’ soldiers march through the town square,
They’re back from fighting for,
‘Free speech and our democracy’,
(And Western-style hypocrisy)
In the Iraqi War.

A few protesters line the route,
They gather in small groups,
And wave their banners and shout out
The usual stuff protesters spout,
And rile against the troops.

Another section of the crowd,
Defend ‘Our Service Lads’,
With platitudes to show they care,
For all the troops along with their
Respective Mums and Dads.

“How dare they rant against our boys,
They’ve done an awesome job,
For most of the Iraqis killed,
Were troublemakers and were filled
With hate in a wild mob”.

“And as for all the children slain,
And all the women too,
Why that’s just propaganda that,
You’d have to be a two-faced prat
To swallow it was true”.

“Our boys join-up to see the world,
They don’t do it to kill,
And anyway when orders say,
They never think that it’s ok
And shoot against their will”!

“That’s why in World War Two we let,
The Nazis use that plea;
They followed orders like ‘Our boys’,
(An argument that never cloys)
In this ‘Land of the Free’”!

© Richard Layton  

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