Tuesday, August 26, 2014



Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson says that he will seek a return to Parliament.

It’s Boris for P.M. it’s said,
In some kind of pathetic joke;
Imagine our great country led,
By a posh Bullingdon Club bloke! (1)                                                                      
But Boris isn’t quite the clown,
That often he pretends to be;
These Eton chaps from Henley town, (2)
Play bumbling fatheads to a tee.

Make no mistake, Bo-Jo is no,
Buffoon or loon upon a bike;
There’s plenty gormless Tories though,
That he is setting out to psych.
The man who brought us Barclay bikes, (3)
And banned the bulky bendy-bus;
Announces through the mikes he likes,
The razzmatazz and all the fuss!

And now he’s bored with London’s grime,
The adoration that he craves;
Will only be fed by a climb,
Up to the Cabinet of Knaves.
For under that blonde mane above,
That’s coiffured oh-so artfully;
Lies one who shows no greater love,
For Boris Johnson more than he!

(1) Prominent members include David Cameron and George Osborne and deceased member, Prince Yusupov, the assassin of Grigori Rasputin.
(2) Johnson was previously M.P. for Henley.
(3) Barclays are withdrawing from the scheme having paid less than half of the original £50m --the tab will be picked up by the taxpayer.

© Richard Layton       

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ajohnstone said...

We shouldn't dismiss Johnson as a clown. He is a dangerous populist. Recently he declared he wanted the presumption of innocence reversed in regards to Muslims returning from Syria or Iraq and insisted. Pity the sincere charity workerfor the many Muslim charities that exist. But from calling for exceptional legal precedent against suspect terrorists, it is only likely that the scope would be inevitably widened.