Friday, August 01, 2014

Summer Camps For Future Elites

America's hottest new luxury option?
The summer camp!

Operators have been busy, the New York Post reports, turning rustic sleepaways into five-star “experiences” complete with everything from air-conditioned bunks to water-skiing.
Top summer camps for the 1 percent now fill up nine months in advance and cost as much as a college semester.
Eight weeks in Maine’s “blue-chip” camps typically run around $11,000.
The International Riding Academy in New York’s Catskills charges $2,150 a week and offers enticing optional extras, like chauffeur-driven stretch-limo hops down to Manhattan’s biggest toy store.
In Oregon’s High Cascades camp, tykes can learn how to snowboard — from former U.S. Olympic team trainers — at just under $4,000 per week . . .

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