Monday, December 30, 2013

We Want Socialism Now!

What is socialism? What do the socialists want? Socialism  means peace, security, prosperity, freedom and equality- all the things that the working people have always wanted and longed for.

These are the things that the socialists want and that socialism aims to achieve. The socialists differ from all others who want the same things in three respects.
First, because they show why we do not have peace, security, prosperity, freedom and equality today and why we cannot have them for so long as the present social order exists.
Second, because they show just what the great mass of the people have to do
in order to get what they want.
Third, because they work unceasingly to bring together in an organisation all those who are able and willing to fight for the things we want.

Socialism is the common ownership of the means of production and their democratic organisation and management by all the people in a society free of class divisions. Socialism is the democratic organisation of production for use not for profit, of plenty for all, without exploitation. It is now possible to organise our economic life to produce in abundance for all. Where there is abundance for all, the nightmare of insecurity vanishes. Where there is abundance for all, and where no one has the economic power to exploit and oppress others, the basis of classes, class division and class conflict vanishes. The need for a government of violence and repression, with its prisons and police and army, also vanishes. Police and thieves, courts and prisons are inevitable where there is economic inequality, or abundance for the few and scarcity for the many. They disappear when there is plenty for all. Where there is abundance for all, conflicts and wars between nations and peoples vanish.

Where men and women are  free of economic exploitation, of economic inequality, of economic insecurity, they are is free for the first time to develop as a human being among their fellow human beings.

What is worse is that the longer capitalism is allowed to exist, the greater becomes the inequality;social, economic and political; and the lesser becomes the freedom of the people. What more. damning indictment of capitalism can there be that in peacetime, there exists wholesale insecurity, wholesale destitution while in wartime, wholesale death, wholesale destruction is offered up too. This is the bankruptcy of capitalism.

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