Sunday, December 08, 2013

Quotes of the Day - the Mandela Legacy

"He gave us free schools and clinics but we have no houses – we are all still living in shacks," said Mrs Msipi, 69, whose husband died 15 years ago. "And there are no jobs – the young people cannot get jobs.

"Mandela's death is a great loss to the nation, but over the last 20 years nothing has happened to us," said Michael Ngobeni, a community activist.  "When you talk about freedom you cannot say we have tasted freedom. We don't have electricity, proper water. It's very bad."

"The thing he did for us was to bring people together. White and black – we are not hating each other any more," said 65-year-old Daniel Lethoalo, a retired driver who lives a couple of doors from where Mandela once lodged. "But the difference between rich and poor is still the same. That has not changed." 

Incomes of black households are a sixth of those of white households

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