Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Poem - The Old Soft Shoe Reshuffle


A Government Reshuffle has,
Occurred throughout the land;
Although this new Deal of the Pack,
Is simple, sleight of Hand.
It’s meant to be a hedge against,
The Gallup Poll upsets;
As there could be a Deuce to pay,
If voters hedge their bets.

The deckchairs will be re-arranged,
Upon the upper deck;
So hopefully the Ship of State,
Will not become a wreck.
It’s planned as a distraction from,
What’s known as Mid-Term Blues;
Before the next Election that,
The Government might lose.

“Were fizzing with brand new ideas,”
Is the pathetic shout;
Voiced by a desperate Cabinet,
That’s going down the spout.
“The Government means business now,”
Whilst Jokers clear their desk;
And Jacks-in-Office enter this,
Political burlesque.

It suits the suits to play the Suits,
With one hand on their Hearts;
Such Heartlessness in Spades is one,
Of politics fine arts.
New Aces hope to turn up Trumps,
Rough Diamonds feel the snubs;
They’ve ceased to sparkle in the game,
And crawl back to their Clubs!

The P.M.’s Upped the Ante and,
Tried Laying down an Ace;
It is, of course, a giant Bluff,
Played with a Poker face.
He then appears flushed with success,
Hence the effusive gush;
But this big Con and Knavish Twist,
Could show a Busted Flush!

For several days there’ll be a buzz,
Of comments in the Press;
But on the whole the public shows,
It couldn’t care darn less.
The chatterati will goss that,
Such artifice is cool;
But people in the real world know,
It changes bugger-all!

© Richard Layton 

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