Sunday, December 08, 2013

McDonalds' Fantasy World

McDonald’s on their staff website, “McResources”, suggests for the Christmas season giving "a gift from your family (or one week's pay), plus a small gift from your child" for an au pair, "one day's pay" for a housekeeper and "cost of one cleaning" for a pool cleaner. Beauty-salon staff should get “$10 to $60 each, giving most to those who give most to you, plus possibly a small gift.” Day-care providers should get tipped “$25 to $70 each, plus a small gift from your child. If only one or two providers, consider higher range amount.” Garage attendants should get “$10 to $30 each, to be distributed by manager.”  Also offered is advice on  how much McDonald’s workers should tip their dog walkers and massage therapists.

The McDonald's tipping article was swiftly removed as soon as the media drew attention to it

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