Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Israel - Palestine Two States Too Many

The state of Israel enters its 65th year this week. The Zionist aspiration to provide a safe secure place for Jews to live has been a failure. Israel is probably the most dangerous country in the world for Jews.

Unlike some on the Left, the Socialist Party doesn’t demonise Israel, and doesn't think it's a fascist state. The Socialist Party’s anti-Zionism is based on opposition to all states, all borders and nations; to all the rulers and exploiters of the world. As socialists, we are opposed to the idea that the rulers and ruled within a nation have any interests in common. Therefore, socialists Israeli nationalism (Zionism) just we reject Palestinian nationalism. Both ordinary working-class Israelis and Palestinians are pawns in power struggles.

We view Israel as one capitalist state among many. All nation states are compelled by the reality of capitalism to try to assert themselves on the world stage. The only difference is their capacity to do so. Israel may be in a position to largely dominate Palestine but calling for Palestinian independence is to call for the independence of the Palestinian bourgeoisie to exploit workers in Palestine. Workers should certainly abandon the fight for independence. It's a struggle that has absolutely nothing to do with them. Firstly, because "independence" is a myth anyway. The Palestinian state is too small to survive on its own and could only exist with the assistance of a stronger more powerful guardian - just as Israel does under the protective umbrella of the United States. The difference between Israel and Palestine would be that Israel is currently occupying Palestine. Apart from that, The Socialist Party would argue that they are two bourgeois states which are both enemies of the working class. We consider cheer-leading whichever faction happens to be resisting is not backing anti-imperialists, but supporting weaker imperialists.

The establishment of a new capitalist state is absolutely no benefit for the working class who, in order to advance its own class interests has to destroy all nation states, wage labour, commodity production, etc.

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