Monday, December 31, 2012

Government spies

In the "war against terrorism" the FBI have conducted a number of high-profile sting operations against "conspirators" who declared a willingness for violence, whereupon the FBI encourage the "terrorist" and since the "terrorist" lacked the wherewithal to carry out a terrorist attack, the FBI helpfully provided what they claimed were the explosives. Arrests then took place and prominently publicized to the media.

 It turns out that the FBI uncovered a group who were plotting to assassinate Occupy activists by snipers using rifles witrh silencers and instead of endeavouring to apprehend those conspirators, the FBI did nothing about it. No arrests. No warnings to the intended targets.Rather than protecting those at risk, the FBI chose to treat those targetted for assassination as the threat even though there is an admission that Occupy Wall Street was “a loose coalition of ongoing peaceful protests".  FBI domestic terrorism task forces were deployed to engage in surveillance and monitor the Occupy Movement. In reality, the only violent actions turned out to be perpetrated by heavily armed police clearing protests and evicting encampments. Occupy activists were the victims.

However, we should not be at all surprised by the state's use of government spies. In the UK, the intelligence services were fully involved to defeat the miners union and behind attempt to frame and discredit Arthur Scargill.

We are also aware from admissions that protest campaigns were infiltrated by undercover policemen who often instigated confrontations.

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